Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Beginning: The First Post

Hello all,

Let me introduce myself if you don't already know who I am. I am Jaeger Wells. Yes, THAT Jaeger Wells. I have decided to create a blog about the Portland Music Scene. Why you ask? Because while I am a fan of the Portland Phoenix and the word of mouth approach there isn't a whole lot out there in Portland for information or just anything about GENERAL music in Portland. There are so many great entities within the scene (musicians, radio personalities, promoters, venues, and most importantly fans) that deserve to be recognized for their respective fields.

Now, let's get to the meat and potatoes of all your questions. Why should I, Jaeger Wells, be in charge of this blog? who do I think I am? Why now?

Frankly, I've been around the scene for a few years. Just like many of the older members of the scene. I can name drop like every one else around here, I hung out at The Well, I worked for and founded my own production company (Plex Productions and On The Rocks Productions). I've come in contact with a lot of the musicians through my own attempt at being a singer/songwriter, booking people starting out, or just being a fan of the music.

Why now you may be asking? As many of you might now, I am currently not even living in the state. I am getting my master's at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX (which is home to one of the most storied music programs in the country, and where Bowling For Soup and Norah Jones got their start). However, I find the Portland music scene to be infectious, something that never leaves your system. While not being in it physically currently I feel like I can examine things from the outside looking in.

SO, this is an open call to Bands, Musicians, Promoters, Radio Personalities, and Fans. I would like to hear what YOU would like to see in this blog. I know what I have in mind, but ultimately, this site is ABOUT YOU and the music. So let's get to it.


  1. i think this is great! i hope this can help some of us smaller local bands who don't get the portland phoenix/wcyy attention just yet!

    rock on.

  2. I'm glad to see this! Not sure just what questions I want to ask, yet, but as you probably know my thing is 2-tone ska, so if you know of anything local that might suit me I'd be delighted! :)

  3. Very awesome.

    I think important dates, occasional reviews, general news and updates etc, just a forum to spread the word to educate everyone about the scene and blend it all together. Hats off to you man, great idea.